Join the PureBread Pack!


Our goal is to change the world by helping others. We help people reach their potential, we help them learn and improve, we help guests feel comfortable and delighted, we help our community, we help average players become All-Stars. We are in business to have a company where you can achieve excellence and feel great about the results of your hard work.


Our company is guided by team members who share the common love of excellence, which drives our organization to excel in everything it does. Our success is based on a firm commitment to quality and excellence — we will do whatever it takes to delight our guests. Our goal is to be role models in business and achieve a world-class level of excellence.

We are friendly, from the ”Hi” to the ”Goodbye”. We delight our guests with a smile and a professional attitude. Our team members work together and embrace the mission, vision, and values of Purebread. We delight our guests by creating legendary experiences, not just transactions. We greet you with a genuine smile because each of us guarantees guest delight in our own, special way. Purebread workers are hard workers, and we ENJOY WORKING HARD at Purebread.


We require the following from all of our team members:

  • Dedication
  • Hard work
  • Smiles and positive attitude
  • Going the extra mile to make someone’s day.
  • Feedback and great ideas.
  • Teamwork
  • Sense of pride
  • Honesty and Integrity

Our team members are the foundation of PureBread and the reason for our success.


Delight each guest in a way that creates loyalty.
It is EACH team member’s job to ensure that EACH guest is delighted because of YOU! We believe you can make a difference with every guest. Sometimes it’s just a smile and sometimes it’s delivering food or a friendly conversation. Our mission is to delight guests and it starts with your attitude and effort.


Just like a dog playing fetch, we have an intense sense of urgency when delighting our guests. Just like that dog won’t walk to the ball and walk it back, we won’t casually try and delight guests — we will do it faster and better than anyone in any business. We will be the best!


Success is a TEAM sport. We must work together and help one another. Winning is so much better when you’re part of a team.


Think of a friendly, wagging dog. Our operation must feel like a wagging dog at all times. We must be wagging and friendly ALL of the time. We are like the friendliest dog — here for you and ready to serve.


We will operate like professionals. We will be deeply focused on our mission of delighting guests and it will show. We will be PRESENT, focused, and in the moment for guests. We will not be distracted. Delighting guests is our focus while at work. Our goal is to be a championship organization comprised of all “A” Players. All-stars only.


Lending a Paw is the lifeblood of Purebread. Lending a paw is, simply, helping someone. Whether it be a guest or coworker, going out of your way to help someone is lending a paw. The most amazing PureBread employees are those who are selfless and enjoy helping others.

We’ve been delighting guests in Delaware and Southern Pennsylvania since 2001. We enjoy a fun, fast-paced atmosphere in each of our restaurants.

If you like what you see at Purebread, then check out our Top 10 Reasons to Work Here:
1) Fun atmosphere
2) Winning team
3) Growth opportunities
4) Friendly people
5) Learn life skills
6) Flexible schedules
7) Awards & recognition
8) Good pay
9) Half-price meals
19) Career training

We are on an amazing journey to become a legendary company full of amazing all-stars. The journey is one step at a time, but it all starts with YOU and your willingness to help the team accomplish our mission.